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Judy spent four years writing her memoir Sunlight on My Shadow. When she started writing she wasn’t sure where the book would lead her, but after breaking the silence of her teen pregnancy and talking with friends and family about her experience, she found compassion for that teen child and came away renewed. Her book is a story of healing.

Judy is the author of several children’s educational books including Times Tables the Fun Way, Addition the Fun Way, and Story Problems the Fun Way. Her books teach children to learn the basic math facts with cartoons and stories. She became interested in education when she co-owned a Sylvan Learning Center in Bountiful, Utah.
Judy studied as an apprentice to become a lay midwife and delivered babies at home for seven years. She quit the profession to go back to school and graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.
Judy backpacked through Mexico, Central, and South America, flew hang gliders, and designed and manufactured hang gliding harnesses for Wasatch Wings, which she co-owned.
Her passion today is writing books and operating City Creek Press, her publishing company which started in 1992.
Judy loves spending time with her grandchildren and their parents, writing at the lake cabin in northern Wisconsin, biking, and tennis. She lives in the Minneapolis area with her husband Joe.

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