Book Trailer Sunlight on My Shadow

This short film tells the story of the content of the book. Over 1000 views on youtube. Sunlight on My Shadow has over 160 4.5 star reviews on Amazon. When offered as a special promotion as a kindle book, over a three day period, the book had 58,000 downloads and was number one in all categories (free) during this time on Amazon. To purchase the book on amazon click here

Judy Reads Cabbage Patch At Book Launch

On February 16, 2013, the loft presented Judy Liautaud’s book launch party. This clip shows Judy reading an excerpt from the first chapter and Dan Israel singing John Prine’s perfect song for the occasion, “Unwed Fathers.”

Kiona and Tessie Talk About Mom’s Book At Book Launch

Judy’s daughters are asked how their mom’s book changed things for them and what they thought of the book. Kiona talks about how it has been the basis for many family discussions and Tessie says she is so glad that her mom no longer has to protect her secret and that she is free. Kiona was instrumental in editing and consulting during the draft process of her mom’s book.

The Loft Presents Sunlight on My Shadow- Minneapolis, MN

Book Launch Day at the Loft Minneapolis, MN