Do you have a book in you waiting to materialize?

Or a partially finished project that has been shoved to the back burner?

I hope these simple steps will wake a dormant desire within you and fertilize the writing field so the words sprout like daffodils—but all year ‘round.
So little, I ask.

Why do I care? Writing has changed who I am. I like the me that writes. It gives clarity and is a way to be artistic— which I believe, feeds the spirit. I am not the proselytizing type. I don’t think everyone should write but everyone should create—maybe writing is your path. For those of you with this latent desire, I dedicate this verbal vignette.

Step One: Make Coffee.
Get up in the morning and make a cup of coffee. I prefer Starbucks Verona made with an air press. Then I load it up with that creamy liquid, full fat original Coffeemate. I know it is an unnatural blend of whatnot and has no nutritional value but it transforms the taste into a creamy elixir. I would prefer a boatload of real cream but dairy doesn’t agree with me.

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