How To Write A Book

Part II- Some Tips that Helped Me Along the Way

1. Slow Down
Dreaming of my finished book made me want to hurry the process. But to everything there is a season and the writing could not be rushed. Some days you will be prolific and others, not so, but just showing up, even if you stare at the computer screen is akin to planting the field. Trust the process. Words will sprout and flourish, if you are persistent at showing up.

I remember the sage words of a man I admired, Klaus Hill, who unfortunately died in a plane crash in 1973. He was a heavily accented light boned German guy who walked with a bounce in his step. He lived in the nearby mountain town of Morgan, Utah and dedicated his life to flying and designing one and two seat airplanes. While visiting him in his workshop with all the parts strewn about, I remember him saying that if you just work a little each day, in a year, you will be soaring above the mountains in your little plane. He was an inspiration to many home-builder-pilots.

2. Use the Right Tools
I use a Mac Book Pro— I think the Mac Air would also be an excellent choice. I have used a PC and find the Mac incredibly reliable. It never freezes up or gets bogged down scanning for virus’s. Apple support is five star. You get to talk to English speaking, friendly, knowledgeable techies. The software I use is Microsoft Word for Mac. I get giddy over the: Document Map Pane. To Read The Full POST Click HERE

How to Write a Book Part I- 8 Simple Steps

Do you have a book in you waiting to materialize?

Or a partially finished project that has been shoved to the back burner?

I hope these simple steps will wake a dormant desire within you and fertilize the writing field so the words sprout like daffodils—but all year ‘round.
So little, I ask.

Why do I care? Writing has changed who I am. I like the me that writes. It gives clarity and is a way to be artistic— which I believe, feeds the spirit. I am not the proselytizing type. I don’t think everyone should write but everyone should create—maybe writing is your path. For those of you with this latent desire, I dedicate this verbal vignette.

Step One: Make Coffee.
Get up in the morning and make a cup of coffee. I prefer Starbucks Verona made with an air press. Then I load it up with that creamy liquid, full fat original Coffeemate. I know it is an unnatural blend of whatnot and has no nutritional value but it transforms the taste into a creamy elixir. I would prefer a boatload of real cream but dairy doesn’t agree with me.

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