Sunlight on My Shadow

Sunlight on My Shadow #2 Best Seller on Amazon

Sunlight on My Shadow Best Seller Amazon

A Reader’s Review Made Me Cry

Sunlight on My Shadow 5 Star Review of My Memoir on Amazon by Joe McNally

Something Blessed This Way Comes Posted on August 15, 2013

This book will be widely read in the coming years. Judy’s book is a rare combination; fine writing, a heart-wrenching story, and a salve for the soul of the sensitive. Everyone takes different things from life…a book read, a movie watched, a news article, a chance meeting, a dream. We act and interpret according to our characters and experiences. Sixty years ago (as I write this), my mother was moving into the last 48 hours of her pregnancy with the first of her eleven sons, me. She bore 4 daughters too, and she lies buried within shouting distance of where I sit. She was 47 when she died; killed, I thought for many years, by her Catholic faith, and its fierce hunger for more Catholics. We, her children were left with our own demons.

Interview with Joseph Courtemanche

I just met Joe at Starbucks for an interview about my book. He’s posted an great story as a result on his blog: http:

When I first started working in the voice over world a local children’s book author hired me to do the work on her interactive software. Entitled “Times Tables The Fun Way!” it was not only the best paying job I had that year, or the next, but also it forced me to do over twenty different voices for the work. I still love going to her website ( and listening to the samples. She made me a much better voice over talent with her kindness and expectations.

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Sunlight on My Shadow Book Launch Party-You are Invited

On Saturday, February 16, 2013, the publication date for Sunlight on My Shadow, City Creek Press will host a book launch party featuring author, Judy Liautaud. Judy’s memoir tells the heart-wrenching story of a birth mother’s journey from secrecy to renewal.  The event will be held  at the Target Performance Hall in the OPEN BOOK/ Loft Literary Center.  It is located at 1011 Washington Avenue South in downtown Minneapolis and will start at 2:00 pm.  Several author/speakers will be present and wine and cheese will be served.   This is President’s Day Weekend so hopefully,  the long weekend will make travel easier for all.  Please save the date and invite your friends and family. The event is free to the public.